Real Wood Flooring in Columbia, MO

As a top-rated hardwood flooring company, Stover’s Flooring & Drapery Center offers a broad range of styles and patterns for home and business owners who want to install real wood flooring in Columbia, Huntsdale, or Pierport, MO. Our decades of experience and team of qualified flooring installation professionals ensure your new hardwood floors look absolutely stunning. We sell and install numerous flooring materials to meet our customers’ varying needs. This includes real wood flooring, a stylish addition to any interior.

People contact our hardwood flooring company to inquire about price, installation and available products. When they do, we like to discuss the reasons to invest in hardwood flooring. Take a look at some of the advantages:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Wood floors look beautiful anywhere. This flooring material makes a room look bigger than it actually is, and can make that space cozier and more inviting instantly. There’s no denying the spectacular aesthetic and timeless appeal of wood floors.

Durable and Long-Lasting

This flooring option is supremely strong. It takes a lot of force to scratch or dent a wood floor. As long as you remain committed to caring for your wood floors, they’ll last for decades. While the initial cost of hardwood floor installation dissuades some customers, the long-term durability more than makes up the difference.

Easy to Clean

Regularly vacuuming or sweeping wooden floors keeps them looking neat and tidy. When you really want to make them shine, opt for steam cleaning. Otherwise, your hardwood flooring doesn’t need any other routine cleaning care. It’ll look great as is!

Increase Property Value

People buying a new home love to see wood floors. Carpeting traps in allergens, dirt, grime and dander, which is not the case with hardwood. When looking at a property for sale, potential buyers want to see wooden floors instead of carpeted ones. They’ll pay more for a house or business with real wood flooring.

Learn More about our Hardwood Services

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