Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Columbia, MO

Stover’s Flooring & Drapery Center offers luxury vinyl plank flooring priced competitively for commercial and residential property owners in Columbia, Huntsdale, or Pierport, MO. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is stain, scratch and water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for spaces with heavy traffic or exposure to moist environments.

Plus, thanks to the many options available, luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring looks beautiful in any interior. Choose from natural wood grain styles, a stone tile aesthetic or another natural-looking style that complements your interior.

Natural Appeal, at a Fraction of the Cost

Develop the aesthetic you want in your home or business, without paying the higher prices of natural wood or tile materials! With a luxury vinyl tile or plank option, you’ll get gorgeous flooring without all of the maintenance required with natural hardwood or ceramic tiling. It looks almost identical and is suitable for any room of the home, from bathrooms and kitchens to bedrooms and living rooms. You’ll get the appeal you want from your flooring, to tie the entire interior together.

A Rugged Flooring Option

Luxury vinyl flooring is both scratch and stain-resistant, and withstands the damaging effects of water and moisture. We highly recommend this flooring material to families with young children and business owners with busy offices. Even years after high traffic, high-end vinyl flooring still retains its gorgeous aesthetic. While other materials show significant signs of wear and tear after several years, that’s not the case for vinyl plank and tile flooring!

Learn More about Vinyl Flooring

Want to explore the many varieties and benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring? Call Stover’s Flooring & Drapery Center at 573-449-2771 to speak with a professional design consultant about installing luxury vinyl tile, carpet flooring, or ceramic floor tiles in your home or business. Contact us or come visit our showroom in Columbia, MO to see examples available.